Glover Family Medical opened its doors, December 2017 with the goal of providing a more aggressive type of healthcare approach to patients namely to those with multiple chronic diagnosis. Our model is to spend extra time with patient to discuss their diagnosis, review labs and answer questions. Our goal is to educate patients about their disease process that they are stakeholders and apart of the team in regards to their healthcare. Hoping that education would provide better compliance and patient outcomes, Dr. Glover teaches classes once a month on healthy cooking styles without having to add certain seasonings including sodium.  Also, she is a diabetes guru, teaching diabetic patients how to live with well controlled diabetes with the goal of decreasing the risk of complications such as stroke and or heart attack respectively. So far, it has worked for those patients who are compliant with the treatment program. Dr. Glover is also passionate about the current obesity crises. She has responded by using the most recent state of the art labs to address exact reasons patients are obese.  In addition, she runs a weight loss blog that is open to members who are apart of her ‘BURN’ weight loss program.  That way, you never feel alone in your weight loss journey.  And finally, we now offer injectable fillers JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX® and are accepting consultation appointments.  Please stay tuned for exciting news and events.